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MIRA professionals apply best practices developed through years of academic training and specialized hospitality experience to provide:

  • Effective data gathering through expert formulation of search strategies, skillful searching of retrieval systems, mastery of survey methods including interviewing techniques and critical evaluation of data sources and providers.

  • Accurate processing of data and information through summarization, incorporation, production and data examining techniques.

  • Application of statistical and econometric techniques.

  • Articulate and concise statement of findings, conclusions and implications for clients.

The following are some of the services and applications, where our research professionals help clients:

  • Consumer and hotel property surveys to assist a global lodging company with a new brand-differentiation strategy.

  • Product pricing and identification of target market segments to plan a company's entry into new international markets using econometrics and conjoint analysis.

  • Identification of success attributes of hotel properties using multiple analyses to guide resource allocation toward investments that are most closely linked to profitability.

  • Establishment surveys to measure the size of industries or industry segments in terms of revenues or demand potential and the economic impact on national and regional economies.

  • Innovative industry studies, including analysis of competitive dynamics among industry participants and identification of the most important drivers of industry performance in many sectors in the hospitality and leisure industry.

MIRA professionals can help clients improve their profitability, market share and strategic direction and can design the appropriate analytical framework that will enhance and accelerate your decision-making processes.

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