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“Financial records and financial reporting are the backbone of every organization in terms of compliance with the international accounting standards and for the recording of achievements of every commercial activity”.

Growth, expansion and competitive advantage require businesses to have:

•  International accounting standards compliance

•  Firm financial policies and procedures

•  Organized financial planning and frequent reviews

•  Optimum utilization of financial resources

•  Informative and frequent reporting to stakeholders

MIRA offers its expertise in the following areas of financial reviews and advisory services:

•  Financial Information Analysis

•  Review & Advise on Financial Statement

•  Portfolio Management

•  Review of Investments

•  Risk analysis and rebalancing of assets

•  Financial Data Management

•  Performance Measures

•  Feasibility studies

•  Implementation of new accounting standards

•  Financial due diligence

•  Accounting control or process support

•  Strategies to achieve financial goals and objectives

•  Research and investigate available investment opportunities

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