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“The last two decades mark an Era of unprecedented innovations in the IT domain and subsequent integrations into every segment of business processes. Some institutions have greatly benefited from these innovations whereas some may not have fully explored the benefits…”.  

As part of our 2030 IT initiative, we envision our clients to be benefitting fully from the existing and new IT innovations in terms of their:

•  Communications

•  Resource management

•  Data accessibility

•  Data security

•  KPI's checks & balances

•  Process Automation

•  Internal organisation

•  Records & Reporting

MIRA works with clients to align their IT capability with their business initiatives to produce an effective and efficient IT strategy.

•  ERP enhancement

•  CRM software

•  Cloud services

•  IT hardware procurement

•  IT hardware integration and installation

•  Hardware consolidation and cost management

•  Current IT diagnostics

•  Value addition and optimisation of current IT capability

•  Personalised IT strategy development aligned with Business operations.

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