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“The ability of businesses to hire and retain the best talent is the road to success especially when the mobility of human capital is no longer a limiting factor…”

In taking a business to the next level of growth, expansion and competitive advantage, the key requirement is to hire and retain the best Talent . Talent which :

•  is profoundly skillful and productive

•  aligns itself with the company objectives

•  has the willingness to learn and share its knowledge

•  will grow with the organization

MIRA offers its expertise in the following areas of Human Capital Enhancement:

•  Executive Search and Selection

•  Executive Management Sourcing

•  Interim Executives

•  HR Audit & Advice

•  Employee Satisfaction surveys

•  Competency Frameworks

•  Assessment and suitability

•  Reward Frameworks

•  Leadership Development

•  Performance Management

•  Pay Standardization

•  Job Evaluation

•  Employee Contracts and Handbooks

•  Equal Pay Audit

•  Retained HR Services

•  Training and mentoring

•  Structured Redundancies

•  Outplacement Support

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