Management Information Resource Associates - MIRA is an independent, UK and Bahrain based Consultancy Practice that offers business consultancy services and comprehensive business solutions across a wide range of industries, business sectors and government organizations. MIRA works on implementing lucrative partnerships with organizations which we believe have growth potential with the geographic focus on promising locations in the Middle East. Our approach balances the risks and builds on the region's untapped opportunities. We create tailor-made solutions that cater for organizations in the region, while enhancing international best practices and benchmarks.

We believe in entrepreneurship, which leads to progress, employment and thriving communities. In an inherently transaction-focused business, we distinguish ourselves by being relationship-focused and building solid win-win strategies with stakeholders in an effort to create long-term progressive partnerships. Behind every MIRA partnership is a solid network that connects people, institutions, ideas, and capital. MIRA has a culture and organizational structure that facilitates the synthesis of this collective expertise and years of experience to every assignment leading to;

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